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Calendar 2024

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Michael's passion for Trinidad-style Carnival led him to join the Board of Boston's Carnival Committee in 1983. He submitted proposals for improving the Carnival and documented its culture through photography. His work resulted in two publications on the History of Boston's Trinidad-style Carnival, as well as several exhibitions and self-published books on photography.

Launched in 2018 as the first annual event in Franklin County to celebrate the culture of Fashion, FPFW is dedicated to showing important fashion influencers and to elevating diversity in fashion and in New England’s Arts and Culture.

FPFW creates unique opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and new relationships between fashion professionals at the local, regional, national and international level. We have brought together local, regional and international designers for spectacular nights of premier runway fashion for new audiences and new markets in a region that is greatly invested in Arts and Culture and the creative economy.

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